This week, The Republic creator Sarah Elger had a wonderfully horrible idea.

In lieu of regular rehearsal, our performers were instructed by Phil and Allie to meet in a seemingly random parking lot in Kissimmee. They were told to not ask questions and not speak upon arrival. From there, they were led into a nearby empty field, bound, blindfolded, and berated.





After some exercises intended to help them get to know each other and each other’s characters even better, the blindfolds and zip ties were removed and they were escorted across the street, still in silence.

They were led to Legends – A Haunting at Old Town, a year-round haunted house we rented out for the evening, unbeknownst to them. Inside, The Republic creator Sarah Elger and I waited under the pretense that we had gone missing. It was their job to find us…

The Legends team did a fantastic job with our makeup, making Sarah look like she’d been beaten and bruised as my kidnapping victim, after I’d transformed into one of their “twitchlings.” There were three separate areas in the haunt at which Sarah and I interacted with our performers. As she screamed out for help, only a small number came to her rescue while the rest ran by scared.

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3


We all gathered afterward at a nearby Old Town bar for some drinks, a bit of karaoke, and plenty of socializing. And yes, Sarah and I stayed in our makeup throughout the rest of the night.

The team building evening was a success and everyone had a blast.

 – Ricky Brigante / Rogue: Hypnos