With top theme park designers leading the artistic direction of The Republic, there’s no doubt our team is loaded with talent.

Today we are officially announcing the involvement of two more incredibly creative people: Eric Garcia and David O’Connell. You might know Eric and David from the hit Syfy TV show “Face Off,” on which they showed off their incredible skills as makeup effects artists.

Hear from them, along with The Republic creator Sarah Elger, in the video below, which also offers a first glimpse at one of the sculpts they’ve been working on for us.

“I am excited to be working on this project! It is something I have never heard of before and has such great potential,” said Garcia. “It will be fun to see how people interact with the characters we develop.”

As with every aspect of this project, the more money we have, the better we can make it. Your contributions to our Kickstarter will help fund materials needed for Eric and David to fully realize their visions for our performers to be enhanced by their effects during each night’s experience. You will literally come face-to-face with their creations. So please support our Kickstarter campaign to make their makeup even better!



We’re thrilled to have Eric and David join our team and will be sharing more updates from them as their work progresses.

 – Ricky Brigante / Rogue: Hypnos