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The Republic experience officially moves into its home

On Sunday, one hour before rehearsal was set to begin, we received some big news.

Sarah (The Republic creator, for those who haven’t been following along) quickly alerted our performers that our usual rehearsal space was unavailable for the evening and instructed them to meet at a mysterious parking lot address nearby. Then we led them on an exciting adventure…

The keys to The Republic’s warehouse space are officially ours – 3 weeks earlier than expected.


Our performers were just as elated as we were to call this 18,000 square foot location home.





They even slipped into character for one final group photo. (Your first glimpse, perhaps, at who these actors are portraying, even in their casual clothes. But you won’t know find out who these characters are until you come see the show.)


Securing this location is a huge part of what your Kickstarter contributions will go towards. It’s definitely not cheap to rent such a large space for so many months, but absolutely necessary to put on a production of this scale.

After much celebrating, we immediately held our first rehearsal in our new warehouse. And from this point forward, every bit of work we do on The Republic will be in this space.




We will begin building imminently, which means this blog is about to get a whole lot more interesting.

 – Ricky Brigante / Rogue: Hypnos

Warehouse planning, measuring, preparing

The Republic has secured a fantastic location, centrally located in Orlando. That location will be disclosed to our players as needed when we open in May.

Though we’re not ready to move into the space for another couple months, we recently visited the space to take measurements to properly develop our floor plans and space design.


Inside, the player will experience a “maze” of rooms, large and small, encountering performers and interacting with props and puzzles throughout. Much more to come on that.


That’s me (Ricky Brigante), Phillip Burgos, Sarah Elger, and Nathanael White. You’ll get to know us better – along with the rest of our team – in the months ahead. While we all have our individual roles in The Republic, it’s truly a collaborative effort.

 – Ricky Brigante / Rogue: Hypnos