Much has happened since our last update here. We’ve moved past auditions into regular rehearsals, working with our performers to fine tune their most unique of roles.

Over the last few days, we’ve begun rehearsing our first scene, an important moment to set the stage for the rest of the wild performance you will experience – and interact with. I can’t entirely share just what is going on in the photos below. An orientation, of sorts. One you’ll want to be a part of.




The Republic’s creator / Dungeon Master Sarah Elger (seen below in the pink and black dress) is there every step of the way, ensuring each rehearsal improves upon the last while always accepting input and ideas from the entire team of designers and performers. It’s a beautifully creative process.



And it should be obvious from all the smiles that we’re having a ton of fun along the way.


The Republic has twelve specific roles for our performers to portray. But we have far more incredible performers than there are roles, so we’re doubling – sometimes tripling – up, allowing each to interpret their characters to fit their own quirky personalities. While they will all guide players (that’s you) through the same wonderfully intricate story, the way it will actually play out will be different depending on which cast is performing that night.

That just means when we debut in May, you’ll have to come back to fully appreciate the grand scale of The Republic. Again and again. It’ll be different every time, we assure you.

And this post marks the beginning of regular Production Blog updates – almost daily. So keep checking back frequently to watch The Republic come together and to be ready for when tickets go on sale in a few weeks.

 – Ricky Brigante / Rogue: Hypnos