We are fortunate to have Hollywood composer Greg Nicolett on board to create the musical score that will play throughout The Republic experience.

Greg’s work has been heard in “The Vampire Diaries,” “Smallville,” “Eureka,” and even that crazy awesome Shia LaBeouf YouTube video. Yes, that one.


Music is an incredibly important part of this production, setting the tone of each scene. And you have already heard a small sampling of Greg’s work for The Republic in our Kickstarter video (or if you haven’t seen it yet, watch/listen below):

That particular music was just a test track to get a feel for what the score of The Republic will sound like. In addition to Greg’s score, I will personally be creating the sound design for the experience, working on all the necessary sound effects, moments, mixing, and editing required to make our highly designed environments not only look real, but sound real as well.

While Greg is a completely capable musician, able to compose and record our score on his own, we’d all prefer if we could hire some talented musicians to work with him. And that’s one of the many areas where our Kickstarter campaign comes in handy. With your contributions, we can pull together a small orchestra to record Greg’s music, making The Republic an even richer experience.

And one of the rewards we’re offering on Kickstarter is a copy of Greg’s score in collectible packaging.

So please head over and back our project to make our music even better!

Tomorrow, I’ll be sharing some very surprising news from The Republic. Don’t forget to come back to see one of the most exciting updates so far…

 – Ricky Brigante / Rogue: Hypnos