This past weekend, the annual TransWorld Halloween Show took place in St. Louis, MO, showcasing all the latest animatronics and special effects from the haunted house world.


Representing The Republic, I was at the event for three days, talking to absolutely everyone about our upcoming immersive theater experience, while simultaneously browsing for any interesting effects, lighting, audio equipment, or other interactive elements we could integrate into our show in our own unique ways.



But beyond me wandering the convention halls and making a purchase or two, The Republic also had an important presence at the event.


Why was The Republic being prominently displayed at a TransWorld booth? Well, you’ll just have to wait to find out… very soon. We have an exciting opportunity in the works.

In the meantime, with just 6 days left on our Kickstarter we are still in need of your support! Please head over and back our project today.

Or, for an even better way to support The Republic, come to our Fundraiser Party this Saturday! Full details here.

 – Ricky Brigante / Rogue: Hypnos