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Thank you, Fringe, from our now award-winning experience!

The Orlando Fringe Festival has ended and, with it, our “beta test” weekends. Not only did we receive tremendous praise and valuable feedback from our players thus far, but just last night Fringe and TheDailyCity.com even gave us an award!

The Republic won Best Show in the “Bring Your Own Venue” category! And we certainly did bring our own venue, entertaining hundreds of Fringe attendees as they explored our 18,000 square foot space – not your traditional stage show, by any means.


So thank you to all our players from Fringe and Halloween Extreme for helping us work out the bugs as we excitedly head into our official opening weekend!

Get your tickets now for our grand opening weekend performances this coming Saturday.

Vote for The Republic in the 2015 Fringe Audience Choice Awards

As we approach our second weekend of performances at the Orlando Fringe Festival, voting has begun for fan favorites at the event – and we’re hoping you vote for The Republic!

You can vote for us in the Best Local Show and Best Show in the BYOV categories. And we certainly wouldn’t mind write-ins for Best Director (our Dungeon Master, Sarah Elger!) Best Male & Female Performers, Best Sets, Best Costumes, and Best of the Fest – but that’s entirely up to you. In fact, it all is.

We just hope that if you enjoyed our experience, you’ll give us a nod. We’re certainly voting for our favorite shows in all other categories! Thanks so much.

Click here to vote.


Two months ’til beta test

Over the weekend, The Republic hit another major milestone: 2 months until we open!

Well, technically, it’s now just under two months until our 2-week “beta test,” as we’re calling it. We’ll be debuting The Republic experience at the Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival.

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There, we’ll hold two weekends of performances before our true official debut in late May.

The Orlando Fringe Festival is an annual event that’s home to all sorts of wild productions, so we will fit in perfectly. We’ll be enlisting the help of Fringe attendees to test out our highly interactive experience so we’re ready for the masses to follow.

We’ve reached that 2-month mark right on schedule, ready to begin building our massive themed environments and continue rehearsals in those spaces, preparing the immersive experiences you will step into. There’s no doubt the next few weeks will fly by and you can continue to watch it all unfold right here. And we’ll have some more exciting news within the next few days for a couple even earlier opportunities you’ll have to preview our performance.

In the meantime, please keep contributing to our Kickstarter, which is moving along steadily toward reaching its goal at the end of this month!

 – Ricky Brigante / Rogue: Hypnos