They say clothes make the man. In The Republic, costumes will serve many important purposes well beyond making our performers look good. (Or bad, depending on their social status in our whacked-out fictional society…)

Last night we met with one of our performers, Kim Lopez, along with three of her friends – one via Skype. They’re all fantastic cosplayers who regularly fabricate elaborate outfits with limited budget and time. And that’s exactly what The Republic needs.


Our hour-long discussion broke down the basics of how each performer’s costume will enhance their role and, more importantly, their presence in the world we are creating. Expect each and every one of them to stand out.

Kim and her talented team will be creating costume designs for our performers – and also a few surprises for our players. What that means exactly… well, you’ll just have to come out to see The Republic in person to find out when the show opens in May.

In the meantime, look for some early costume designs to pop up on this blog very soon.

 – Ricky Brigante / Rogue: Hypnos