Today we officially begin the next important phase of production on The Republic. Rehearsals continue and we are getting closer to moving into our warehouse space in downtown Orlando.

Our goal is to offer the best possible interactive performance with as limited of a budget as we can use. But we are quite literally creating a new society, three separate but connected worlds, presented in fully immersive intertwining environments. Creating such a unique experience will indeed require funds – which we are depending on you for.

As such, today we launch our new Kickstarter crowd funding project.

We launched the Kickstarter during our rehearsal with our performers last night, who all shared it online – which we hope you will too.


The Republic is a passion project for all who are involved. We aim to take theatrical experiences to new places never explored before.

Not only do we promise an unbelievable experience for all who step into The Republic, but we’ve also created a set of exciting and exclusive rewards available only through this Kickstarter project.


Back this project now to receive the most fun and excitement out of The Republic in the months ahead.