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The Republic has wrapped… For now.

Last night, The Republic wrapped its final show. After nearly 1,000 players entered our world, this limited time production has officially ended… for now.

We received rave reviews. Players loved the uniquely interactive experience we created, bringing Orlando a form of entertainment the city had never seen before. And there’s no reason to stop there.

The Republic 2.0 is coming in 2016.

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates in the coming months.

Thank you to all our players. Be ready for an even more exciting, engaging, and thrilling experience next year.

Kickstarter Fully Funded! A toast to you from our cast and crew

A month after launching and just minutes before tonight’s rehearsal began, our Kickstarter goal was reached and our project became fully funded!


Thanks to your generous contributions, The Republic immersive theater experience now moves into full production with a massive build planned for this coming weekend to continue to fill our 18,000 square-foot warehouse with more than 25 elaborately designed spaces for you to explore come May.

To celebrate the exciting moment, our cast and design team offer a toast to all of you for helping to fund The Republic and spread the word over the last few weeks:


THANK YOU for all of your support. With Kickstarter funds, our vision for The Republic will be fully realized, creating the most exciting and unique experience for your enjoyment.

Moving past the Kickstarter phase, we will now begin to reveal much more about our experience. Later in April, we will be launching an all-new web site which will enable you to dive deeper into our story before arriving to The Republic. And, of course, tickets will be on sale then as well. We will continue to share updates here on the Production Blog as well, so keep coming back to see all the latest happenings!

 – Ricky Brigante / Rogue: Hypnos

“Like” The Republic + more Kickstarter contributions

We’re still roughly two months out from our first performance – but you all like us already!

In fact, more than 500 of you do as of today as our Facebook page crossed that milestone:


If you don’t already “like” us on there… make it happen to stay updated on all the latest developments in our immersive theater experience.

We also recently crossed the $4,000 mark in our Kickstarter! That leaves us with just under $3,500 to go – so keep those contributions coming. Don’t forget that we have many incredible rewards for special experiences exclusive to Kickstarter, so in another few days there won’t be another chance to get them.

 – Ricky Brigante / Rogue: Hypnos

Why was The Republic at the TransWorld Halloween show?

This past weekend, the annual TransWorld Halloween Show took place in St. Louis, MO, showcasing all the latest animatronics and special effects from the haunted house world.


Representing The Republic, I was at the event for three days, talking to absolutely everyone about our upcoming immersive theater experience, while simultaneously browsing for any interesting effects, lighting, audio equipment, or other interactive elements we could integrate into our show in our own unique ways.



But beyond me wandering the convention halls and making a purchase or two, The Republic also had an important presence at the event.


Why was The Republic being prominently displayed at a TransWorld booth? Well, you’ll just have to wait to find out… very soon. We have an exciting opportunity in the works.

In the meantime, with just 6 days left on our Kickstarter we are still in need of your support! Please head over and back our project today.

Or, for an even better way to support The Republic, come to our Fundraiser Party this Saturday! Full details here.

 – Ricky Brigante / Rogue: Hypnos

7 days left to back our Kickstarter – Help us fully realize our vision of The Republic

We’ve reached the final week of our Kickstarter!

With nearly $4,000 already contributed, we’re more than halfway to our goal of $7,500… but definitely not quite there yet. We need your help today to get us there!


The $7,500 we ultimately raise via Kickstarter will help tremendously with bringing The Republic to you exactly as we have envisioned it, with the highest production levels throughout the experience. It will enable us to purchase more props, set dressings, furniture, electronic equipment including lighting and audio, special effects, makeup, costumes, and much more.

There are no outside investors or big corporations behind The Republic. Our core design team is paying for every expense out of our own pockets and now that we have started building, those expenses are rising dramatically. Reaching our Kickstarter goal is unquestionably crucial to keeping this project moving at the pace it has been, on track for a phenomenal opening weekend in May.

Whether you contribute $5, $100, or even $1,000 (as a couple backers have!), your Kickstarter support of The Republic is invaluable to us – and we know you’ll love your rewards too.

So please head over to our Kickstarter now and back our project with any amount. Thank you!

And don’t forget that as a Kickstarter backer, you can attend the incredible party we have planned this Saturday evening, March 28. Full details here. You won’t want to miss this special event.

Halfway to our Kickstarter goal + even more rewards

This week we continue to stay right on target in our Kickstarter campaign as we hit another major milestone…



Not long after making it to 33% one-third of the way through the 30-day campaign, we hit 50% halfway through the run. Since then we’ve even nudged a little forward to 51%!

Now, with less than 2 weeks remaining, it’s up to you to help us reach that other half. We’re thrilled with how much support we’ve received from backers thus far and continue to tweak our Kickstarter rewards to meet your demands.

Today we added a new reward that includes TWO tickets to The Republic + a special Kickstarter-exclusive experience for TWO at the event. That’s available in limited numbers so contribute now to not miss out!

Beyond fundraising, we’ve had some exciting developments this week with the project, including more – shall we say – physical rehearsals as well as an update on our costume design, all of which I’ll be sharing here soon.

 – Ricky Brigante / Rogue: Hypnos

Two months ’til beta test

Over the weekend, The Republic hit another major milestone: 2 months until we open!

Well, technically, it’s now just under two months until our 2-week “beta test,” as we’re calling it. We’ll be debuting The Republic experience at the Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival.

fringe logo

There, we’ll hold two weekends of performances before our true official debut in late May.

The Orlando Fringe Festival is an annual event that’s home to all sorts of wild productions, so we will fit in perfectly. We’ll be enlisting the help of Fringe attendees to test out our highly interactive experience so we’re ready for the masses to follow.

We’ve reached that 2-month mark right on schedule, ready to begin building our massive themed environments and continue rehearsals in those spaces, preparing the immersive experiences you will step into. There’s no doubt the next few weeks will fly by and you can continue to watch it all unfold right here. And we’ll have some more exciting news within the next few days for a couple even earlier opportunities you’ll have to preview our performance.

In the meantime, please keep contributing to our Kickstarter, which is moving along steadily toward reaching its goal at the end of this month!

 – Ricky Brigante / Rogue: Hypnos

New Kickstarter rewards revealed as we reach one-third funding

Today we reached a double milestone for our Kickstarter crowd funding campaign: one-third funded and one-third of the time gone!

Our 30-day campaign is 10 days in and we’re exactly on track to reach our goal having received 33% funding with the latest contribution.

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 5.56.05 PM

But the pace has slowed in recent days, so we sat down to come up with some new incentives to tempt you all to support the creation of this incredible experience. Building off the most popular reward thus far, the $70 ticket + one-on-one experience combo, we’ve come up with even better rewards for you:

YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED: After the experience, you can meet and interact with members of The Republic team, discussing the adventure and learning answers to your questions. Includes admission for 1 player to The Republic + meet-and-greet opportunity post-show.

MORE INTENSE: Take on the most “extreme” role in The Republic. Be the first to enter, instantly rewarded with the most intense and interactive opportunities throughout the experience. You will be challenged. Includes one ticket.

If you’ve already backed our project (thanks!) and one of these new rewards sounds better than what you chose, you can still modify your contribution. Or if you haven’t yet, head back over to our Kickstarter and give us a nod! Your contributions will immediately begin funding our build including lumber, special effects, costumes, makeup, and much more.

Thank you for your continued support of The Republic!

 – Ricky Brigante / Rogue: Hypnos

Kickstarter milestone + a building request

Late yesterday we were incredibly excited to see that our Kickstarter project – less than 4 days running – has already hit 25% of its goal!


(Well, technically 24.9%… but close enough!)

Thanks so much to our generous contributors, especially the one lucky person (so far) who will be spending an evening with The Republic creator Sarah Elger up in her control center, towering over the show as it runs.

That is one of the many unique experiences we’re offering exclusively through Kickstarter, available in limited quantities.

As the funds start to add up, we are moving into our next phase of the project: building. We’re moving into our warehouse soon and are planning the massive set build ahead of us. Most importantly, we need lumber!

So if you or anyone you know happens to have a lead on inexpensive lumber, either through deals, surplus, or even sponsorship for us, please email with details.


Thank you for all your Kickstarter contributions so far. With 26 days still remaining, we look forward to blasting past our goal and launching some exciting stretch goals to make The Republic even more amazing.

 – Ricky Brigante / Rogue: Hypnos

Prop acquisition in the most convenient location

The 18,000 square-foot downtown Orlando warehouse The Republic will soon call home presented us with an exciting opportunity this past weekend.

The current occupants of the warehouse had filled it with a huge assortment of furniture, electronics, and other home goods – all of which they were selling off before moving out.


To fill The Republic’s 25+ individually unique spaces, we’re going to need a lot of props and set pieces. This sale was a perfect opportunity to acquire a great deal of what we intend to use. It’s also a perfect example of how funds contributed via our Kickstarter campaign will be used, not only to buy props but also to pay for use of the massive warehouse space itself.

Many other shoppers arrived to the sale early Saturday morning, so we quickly assembled our team to select which pieces will be best for our show – Sarah Elger, Phillip Burgos, Nathanael White, Benjamin Pile, and myself were there to hand pick which items fit with the various themed environments of The Republic, rapidly marking them off with blue tape.







Once we’d finished picking out items we ran through the numbers, negotiated a bit, and it was a done deal.


We walked away with the most convenient prop acquisition imaginable, having to simply move our purchased pieces to another area of the warehouse, ready for us when we move in soon.


Naturally, we’ll need a lot more than a few candlesticks, dressers, and filing cabinets to fill the intricately designed spaces that will make up The Republic experience, but this was a great start.

There are still many more props to purchase (along with many other expenses), so please contribute to our Kickstarter crowd funding campaign to help support us:

Keep checking back for more exciting updates from the warehouse as we get closer to moving in. We may even have a very interesting opportunity for you to check out the space before we even start building…

 – Ricky Brigante / Rogue: Hypnos