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Thank you, Fringe, from our now award-winning experience!

The Orlando Fringe Festival has ended and, with it, our “beta test” weekends. Not only did we receive tremendous praise and valuable feedback from our players thus far, but just last night Fringe and even gave us an award!

The Republic won Best Show in the “Bring Your Own Venue” category! And we certainly did bring our own venue, entertaining hundreds of Fringe attendees as they explored our 18,000 square foot space – not your traditional stage show, by any means.


So thank you to all our players from Fringe and Halloween Extreme for helping us work out the bugs as we excitedly head into our official opening weekend!

Get your tickets now for our grand opening weekend performances this coming Saturday.

Fans love The Republic, praising its interactivity and ability to get lost in the story – literally

Last weekend with the Orlando Fringe Festival, we debuted our “beta test” version of The Republic. We went into the weekend aimed at not only entertaining all of our first players to pay for the experience, but also to learn from them to continue to enhance the show before our grand opening at the end of the month.

What we didn’t expect was the sheer level of excitement Fringe attendees had for The Republic, selling out both Fringe weekends before we even finished our second performance. No doubt, as the Orlando Sentinel put it, The Republic has become an instant “phenomenon.”


And when asked for feedback following several of our test performances, our new fans had a whole lot of praise for us:

But, as expected, not all has been perfect in this conflicted society. We assign 30 completely different player roles with each show – and we’ve learned that some roles have played out far better than others. So with the help of feedback we’ve received from our “beta test” players, we’re working hard at improving everything necessary to make the show that much better for the 9 weeks we’ll be running after Fringe ends.

We’ve already added new games, tasks, and quests for players to become engaged with, adding even more layers of interactivity and chances to receive important story elements in new ways. As you might imagine, juggling the individual stories of 30 player simultaneously is a tough task – but one we are quickly perfecting.

We look forward to welcoming one more weekend of test players across five more sold out Fringe performances.

If you want to be among the first to experience The Republic, act fast as we only have two public performances available during our first weekend, on the evening of Saturday May 30th. After that, we will have 5 performances each week until the end of July.

Tickets are available at

Get them while you can! If Fringe is any indication of the popularity of this show, dates will be selling out fast.

Vote for The Republic in the 2015 Fringe Audience Choice Awards

As we approach our second weekend of performances at the Orlando Fringe Festival, voting has begun for fan favorites at the event – and we’re hoping you vote for The Republic!

You can vote for us in the Best Local Show and Best Show in the BYOV categories. And we certainly wouldn’t mind write-ins for Best Director (our Dungeon Master, Sarah Elger!) Best Male & Female Performers, Best Sets, Best Costumes, and Best of the Fest – but that’s entirely up to you. In fact, it all is.

We just hope that if you enjoyed our experience, you’ll give us a nod. We’re certainly voting for our favorite shows in all other categories! Thanks so much.

Click here to vote.


The Republic ‘Alpha Test’ a smashing success, welcoming players inside for the first time

Things have been just a little hectic around The Republic lately, hence the lack of blog posts recently. Since my last update, we’ve been building seven days a week, preparing one incredible experience for you to enjoy beginning next week.

Last night, we welcomed 30 very excited players into our world. It was our “alpha test,” a chance for us to run the full show start to finish with outsiders for the very first time.

Before the performance, The Republic creator Sarah Elger met our eager players outside for a few words, noting the “test” nature of the evening. We naturally didn’t want to reveal everything just yet, still hard at work completing our sets, sound, lighting, effects, costumes, and makeup.


Waiting inside was our incredible cast of performers, ready to interact in character for the duration of the experience.


As players trickled inside, receiving their individual roles for the night, anticipation was building.


Once let loose into our 18,000 square foot performance space, our first players had an absolute blast throughout the 90-minute experience. From the moment we welcomed them inside for an introduction to the show to the final seconds of the grand finale, each player was thoroughly entranced with the story and performances, literally running around at times, fully embodying the roles they had been given as scenes unfolded around them.







All the while, Sarah watched from her Dungeon Master control center high above the performance space. Even without all surveillance cameras set up just yet, she was aware every action that took place, guiding the show to its conclusion.


And when it had ended, our first players raved about how much fun they had – and how they were instantly ready to return when our full performances soon begin.

Then, just as quickly as it had all started, all was quiet inside, leaving Sarah – along with her entire cast and crew – smiling proudly as her creation had come to life for the very first time with wonderful success.


Next week begins your chance to experience The Republic. Be part of our “beta test” at the Orlando Fringe Festival by getting a ticket here.

Following those select dates, our full performance run begins May 30, continuing every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evening through July 25. Get your tickets here.

We thank all of the players for participating in our alpha test last night. Come back here in the coming days to get a further look inside The Republic as this exciting new experience finally takes shape.

 – Ricky Brigante / Rogue: Hypnos